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What Is The Legendary Marketer's Club?
The Legendary Marketer's Club is the Netflix of digital marketing training. 

The Club is packed full of training, education and resources to start, grow and scale your online business. 
You receive access to all the training you need to develop the key skills critical to building a successful online business in 2018 & heading into 2019. 

In addition, members can leverage the integrated affiliate program & done for you promotional resources to earn while they learn. 
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15 Step Online Business On-boarding Blueprint
Now if you're reading this page, you may have some experience online but maybe you haven't seen the results you're looking for. Or maybe you're completely new to building an online business.

Either way, the KEY to building your online business into something that generates you sales on autopilot is understanding the basics of how this business model works & the importance of getting everything set up right the first time. 

If you've been trying to build an online business for some time but haven't succeeded yet, it isn't your fault. The 'gurus' don't want you to succeed so they can keep selling you course after course. 

The 15 Step Online Business Onboarding Blueprint will take you by the hand step by step and explain in detail every little piece of the puzzle that is required to build a successful online business. 

These 15 steps are the equivalent of a masters degree in online business and will FINALLY give you the complete picture to how the 6, 7 & 8 figure online marketers are crushing it. 
Personal 6 Figure Online Business Success Coach
Even with the absolute perfect training & online business system given to them, some people still fail. 

Again, it's usually not their fault. It's because they get lost along the way. 

Maybe they don't understand why to do something a certain way, or need help with techie stuff - whatever the reason, we have the solution. 

Inside the Legendary Marketer's Club you'll get a PERSONAL online business coach who is with you every step of the way. 

You can get on the phone with them whenever you need to ask any questions. 

They're also there as an accountability partner to make sure you're making steps forward in your online business every single day. 

These coaches are all hand picked and have each built their own 6 or 7 figure online businesses. You're in good hands here. 
Done For You - High Converting Sales Funnels
Making money online used to be as simple as having a website, driving traffic & watching the sales role in. 

The online game has become more sophisticated in the last 5 years and so have the marketing strategies. 

Now you MUST be leveraging tested & high converting sales funnels to have any chance of getting your message out there and actually converting leads into sales. 

Building funnels, crafting messages, offers, compelling sales copy, integrating email autoresponders and linking it all together can take hundreds of hours to learn (unless you pay someone 10s of thousands of dollars).

So to shortcut the learning curve & eliminate the massive financial investment, we've included tried and tested super high converting funnels in the Legendary Marketers Club that you can plug directly into, start building your list and earning commissions. So simple, yet so effective. 
Done For You - High Converting Follow Up Emails
To perfectly compliment the Done For You funnels inside the Legendary Marketers Club, you're also getting hold of a completely Done For You 45 Day Email Sequence. 

This email sequence will plug directly into your funnel & email software and start automatically contacting your leads and generating you sales on autopilot while you're off doing...well, whatever you want. 

Statistics show that Most purchases happen after a customer sees a product AT LEAST 5 times, so a solid email follow up series is critical. 

We've got you covered, it's completely done for you and tested to convert INSANELY well. 
Done For You Advertising Toolkit
Let's recap, when you get inside the Legendary Marketers Club for just $1/day, you've already seen that you'll get access to a The 15 Step Onboarding Blueprint, a 1-on-1 Success Coach, Done For You High Converting Funnels & Follow Up Emails...

But we want to give you EVERYTHING you need to succeed with your online business. 

So you'll also get access to the Done For You Advertising Toolkit which includes perfectly crafted advertising materials you can literally copy and paste to start generating leads & sales. 

These materials cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop. They convert like crazy and are yours to use as your own inside the Legendary Marketers Club. Talk about a shortcut. 

These ads will let you drive leads from literally every major Free & Paid Traffic (don't stress if you don't know how to do this yet, we've got you covered there too)...
Marketers Club Comprehensive Traffic Library
So at this point you're probably thinking...right, I'm getting complete onboarding, a coach and all the marketing materials & funnels I need to make this work. What's missing? 

Well I'll tell you. TRAFFIC! If you aren't getting eyeballs to your funnels every day, you have no business. 

So many people struggle with this when they shouldn't. 

There is literally endless traffic out there and we just need a very small % to make a fortune. That's where the Legendary Marketer's Club Traffic Library Comes into it. 

You'll get immediate access to cutting edge training on all the best methods to consistently drive leads to your new business. 

Study & implement this content and you'll NEVER run out of traffic. EVER!

Private Facebook Mastermind Group
Legendary Marketer already has a huge online community with over 15,000 members that you can interact with for encouragement, accountability & support. 

When building an online business, as much as we all wish it was, it won't be smooth sailing every day. There's going to be tough times along the way. Being an entrepreneur can be very lonely. 

That's where this community comes into play and will be your support network as you go through the training and implement the systems & strategies inside the Legendary Marketer's Club. 

Premium Business Implementation & Technical Chat Support
Fully integrated with the Legendary Marketer platform & system is chat support you can reach out to any time of day or night with ANY technical questions about your business. 

They're incredibly well trained and get back to everyone VERY quickly. 

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